Our Doctors

​Dr. Shahriyarpour’s and Dr. Shafaee’s entire dental team are dedicated to optimum dental care with a specific focus on preventative, aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry.
Creating natural looking smiles and revitalizing oral health, is the mission of their practice and the promise offered by advanced dentistry.
Their attention to detail, compassion for their patients, and commitment to their profession produce phenomenal results for all their patients.
They are absolutely committed to providing the best dental care available for you and your entire family.

Our Doctors


Dr. Samira Shafaee proudly graduated from the prestigious UCLA School of Dentistry, where she continued to serve as a clinical instructor for several years. With many accomplishments to her name, including published research, authoring dental articles for the public, and serving the U.S. veterans at the VA Health Center, she considers her private practice in Irvine to be the most rewarding.  She places great emphasis on getting to know her patients and their long-term dental goals.  From this foundation, she is able to provide the very best of care.   She spends her free time running, hiking and most importantly, spending time with her family.  


Dr. Shahram Shahriyarpour graduated with exceptional performance from UCLA School of Dentistry and became a fellow at UCLA’s Center for Advanced Education in General Dentistry and Aesthetics. His focus in practice is shaped by his research for better dental materials and the integration of computers in dentistry.  Dr. Shahriyarpour frequently travels to Scottsdale to attend lectures at the Spear Institute and to stay abreast of the latest developments in dentistry.   Dr. Shahriyarpour earned all these accolades not only by being a skilled dentist, but also by being the kind of warm and caring person who many patients call a friend.  

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