CEREC – Single Visit Dentistry

Dr.  Shahriyarpour and Dr. Shafaee are pleased to present CEREC dentistry to our patients.  One-Visit CEREC dentistry offers many benefits to our patients.  Since the restoration is completed in one visit, our patients save time, avoid additional injections and no longer need to be in temporaries for weeks.  And the “impressions” are done by a powerful 3D computer instead of the uncomfortable putty material!

If you are among the millions of patients who have had to experience the process of or are in need of,  a Crown, Inlay, Onlay or Veneer then you will truly appreciate this advance in dental care.  Through the development of CAD/CAM technology, we are able to provide comfortable, metal-Free restorations to our patients.  Additionally, the quality of the restoration is more aesthetic and superior in function.  Please call or visit us to see if you are a candidate for this new generation of dental care.

CEREC dentistry

bcddentistry65436CEREC – Single Visit Dentistry