Headache and TMJ Treatments

TMJ Disorder and Nighttime Grinding

The TMJ joint (Temporomandibular Joint) is located just in front of each ear. It is a complex joint which acts as the hinge for the lower jaw. Many people at one time or another have likely experienced some symptoms that caused discomfort in this joint and/or the surrounding muscles. These symptoms are often caused by a poor bite or nighttime clenching and/or grinding.

TMJ Disorder and Nighttime Grinding

Unfortunately many are not aware of the many symptoms that may arise from these habits. These symptoms may include clicking of the jaw joint, head or neck/shoulder aches, gum disease (including bleeding gums), wear of the edges of the front teeth, a recession of the gum-line, tooth sensitivity, broken fillings, and loose teeth.

Dr. Shafaee and Dr. Shahriyarpour were trained to treat TMJ issues at the UCLA School of Dentistry Department of Orofacial Pain. This institution is the leader in research in the field of TMJ disorders.

Everyone should have a TMJ screening by a qualified dental professional on an annual basis. This simple evaluation will aid in your overall oral health and often solve many pain and sensitivity problems that have persisted for years.

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